Optimized Select Group (101-300 employees) portfolio for groups with a July 1, 2023, effective date

We’re now quoting new business on our optimized Select portfolio of standard plans with an effective date of July 1, 2023. These are for groups with 101-300 employees. They include:

  • New Aetna® Connected Plan with CVS Health® health maintenance organization (HMO) plans positioned for Northern California
  • More health reimbursement arrangement plans to meet the growing demand for diverse solutions
  • Bariatric surgery coverage consistently aligned across our Open Access Managed Choice®/preferred provider organization/exclusive provider organization plans
  • Expanded no-cost MinuteClinic® benefit and $0 Teladoc® Health copays across HMO plans*

The market continues to see high inflation rates and labor shortages. So employers are looking for ways to attract and retain employees with cost-effective, valuable health care benefits. At the same time, employees are also seeking health care benefits that are affordable and simple to use.

“In today’s market, it is important for plan sponsors to offer benefit choice and value for not only their talent acquisition strategy, but also to hit their bottom line,” says Mike Giar, VP Sales, Middle Market in Southern California at Aetna®, a CVS Health® company. “We want members to access the care they need, when they need it – easily.”

These plans offer simplicity, affordability and expanded access to meet the evolving needs of our diverse California market.

Contact an Aetna representative to learn more about how we’re helping you improve the care experience.

* Includes select MinuteClinic services. Not all MinuteClinic services are covered. Please consult benefit documents to confirm which services are included. Members enrolled in qualified high-deductible health plans must meet their deductible before receiving covered non-preventive MinuteClinic services at no cost-share. However, such services are covered at negotiated contract rates. This benefit is not available in all states and on indemnity plans.

* Teladoc is not available to all members. Teladoc and Teladoc physicians are independent contractors and are not agents of Aetna. Visit Teladoc.com/Aetna for a complete description of the limitations of Teladoc services. Teladoc, Teladoc Health and the Teladoc Health logo are registered trademarks of Teladoc Health, Inc.