How to Support Remote Workers with the Right Coverage

National Coverage Strategies

According to a study by FlexJobs, hiring managers predict that “more than one-third of employees will work remotely in the next 10 years.” Remote job listings increased 51% from 2014 to 2017, and the fourth most popular job search keyword in 2017 was “remote/work from home.”

We doubt this is just a trend. Couple improved technology with congested roadways and we predict remote employees are the wave of the future.

What are you doing to adjust to this new employment model? Courting top talent nationally means considering what coverage needs remote workers require.

Download: 6 Steps to Ensure Remote Workers are Covered

With 33 local offices operating in 23 states, Rogers Benefit Group is the largest General Agency in the country. We’ve learned that local market knowledge matters. We can help you identify the relative competitive position for local carriers, and often we can deliver on-site assistance for far away locations.

The modern workforce is becoming a geographically level playing field. Companies are looking anywhere they can for talent. Since we expect more and more need for solid remote coverage plans, we’ve put together a guide. Get help delivering the best coverage to your remote teams with the 6 tips and tricks in our guide.

Download: 6 Steps to Ensure Remote Workers are Covered