Why a Client’s Employee Moving Out-of-state is Good for a Broker’s Business

National Coverage Strategies

Selling is not the same in each state of our great country. There are specific nuances based on state or regional legislation as well as local customs that need to be taken into consideration when you are beginning the sales process in a new area. While you might be a bit frustrated to learn that one of your clients is moving out of your current geographic area of focus, you truly should approach this as an opportunity to learn more about that new location, find new customers and greatly expand the national presence of your business — starting with that client.

Leverage a National Presence to Learn New Strategies

Cultural nuances extend beyond the borders of a particular state and include the way that sales relationships are nurtured and grown.  This is the ideal opportunity to expand your horizons and take in additional sales possibilities in the new area where your client has moved. Partnering with an organization such as Rogers Benefit Group allows you access to a national presence that provides you the regional expertise needed to be successful.

Download: 6 Steps to Ensure Your Clients’ Remote Workers are Covered

New Contacts and Potential Referrals

As your clients grow and expand in new directions, you should provide them with ample opportunities to sing your praises. That could come in the form of encouraging referrals to colleagues in the new region or introductions to new companies with shared contacts. As long as you’re providing exceptional service, your client should have no problem offering your name as an option to new contacts as a trusted resource. Getting access to these new referrals and contacts is something that might not have happened if your client hadn’t made a shift.

New Revenue Opportunities

Are you confident that your service offerings are covering all of the employees at your clients’ organization? Simply staying with in-state benefits isn’t enough for today’s flexible workers who might be working from a remote base of operations, a different branch office — or even from their home overlooking a ski lodge or a beach. There truly are no geographic barriers for businesses with a national presence, which provides infinite opportunities for staff and a great deal more complexity for human resources and benefits professionals. Finding ways to keep these remote staff members feeling like a part of the company starts with offering comparable benefits such as a wellness plan or other employee perks that aren’t tied to a specific geographic location. Finding these opportunities will provide you with additional revenue options and help your clients solve a thorny problem at the same time.

When you are ready to learn more about the possibilities offered by a national focus for your business, contact the professionals at Rogers Benefit Group. Our nationwide network of office provides you with a wealth of opportunities and the national presence that you need to grow your business and to be a part of a thriving community of professionals. Learn from your peers, attend industry-leading events and improve your future revenue potential by joining Rogers Benefit Group today! Remote work is likely to be a challenge for many of your clients. See how to help overcome some of the issues associated with remote work with our free checklist: 6 Steps to Ensure Your Clients’ Remote Workers are Covered that you can download anytime.