As the awareness of telemedicine continues to increase, we want to remind you of the HealthiestYou Complete Bundle solution for employers. Hundreds of employers across the nation have implemented this solution for their entire workforce, regardless if they are on a health insurance plan or not.

As an incentive to brokers, HealthiestYou is offering a broker bonus program for groups with effective dates of 6/1/2020 through 10/1/2020.

To qualify for a $500 Amazon Gift Card a broker must write 6 coverages during the above-mentioned effective dates and each group must have at least 10 enrolled employees to qualify.

Six coverages (not groups) are defined as:

  • HealthiestYou Core case = 1 COVERAGE
  • HealthiestYou Complete Bundle Case = 2 COVERAGES
  • Add the HealthiestYou Complete Bundle to an existing HealthiestYou CORE group = 1 COVERAGE

Now more than ever employers are looking for a robust virtual healthcare product to assist their entire employee population and the HealthiestYou Complete Bundle is that solution!

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