Dear Broker Partner:

The United Healthcare Guaranteed Issue Annual Open Enrollment (SEP) for January 2023 effective date is coming up!

The 2022 SEP guidelines remain unchanged from previous years. A group that does not meet standard eligibility and participation rules, can enroll during SEP period (11/15/22 – 12/15/22) for a 1/1/2023 effective date.

United Healthcare will require standard new business submission paperwork.

Standard underwriting CA 1-100 guidelines apply.

United Healthcare will write alongside another staff model carrier (i.e KP, SIMSA, WHA, Sutter etc).

United Healthcare reserves the right to conduct an audit anytime of the year on groups submitted during SEP.

No early submissions are allowed. Groups submitted prior to 11/15/2022 will be subject to standard participation and contribution guidelines.

Submission deadline: Groups must be submitted by 12/15/22 11:59pm. The group must be clean and complete.

Contact Rogers Benefit Group to learn more about SEP with United Healthcare and/or other carriers.