Q4 admin credits are easier than ever with Aetna’s new savings program! Contact Rogers Benefit Group for an Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) quote today.

You want credits, we have answers

Your clients want to save money, and you want to make it happen for them. We have completely restructured our Aetna Funding AdvantageSM admin fee credit program to save you time and save your clients more money. Credits are no longer dependent on:

  • What state the group is in (as long as it is an Aetna Funding Advantage state)
  • What quoting method you use to write the case

With improvements to our administrative fee credits, guaranteed surplus, and cross-sell discount, now is THE time to brush up on these programs before fourth quarter.

New Aetna Funding Advantage 2-100 administrative fee credit program

Now, we’re letting you stack the credits that apply to your groups. You can add each of the below credits that applies to your client. However, you can’t add both the 51-100 new business credit and the level-funded incumbent credit. Groups will only get one of those two credits even if they qualify for both.*

$300 General new business credit

$300 per enrolled for all Aetna Funding Advantage new businesses with 2 to 100 eligible. As long as the group meets other standard underwriting requirements, they get this credit.

$200 51-100 new business credit:

$200 per enrolled for all groups with 51-100 eligible employees. The group just needs to meet other standard underwriting requirements.

$200 Level-funded incumbent credit:

$200 per enrolled for any group with 2-100 eligible employees that is on a level-funded plan with another carrier and is currently in a surplus position with that carrier.

Temporary promotional admin fee credit

$400 startup group credit: $400 per enrolled for any group with 2-100 eligible employees that has not had medical coverage in the last 12 months. This credit will be active for 10/1/2022 and 11/1/2022 groups only.

Updated cross sell savings program

For groups with 2 to 50 eligible employees, cross-sell savings for dental and vision is now an admin fee credit that can stack with the credits above. For groups with 51-100 eligible employees, the cross-sell discount is staying in-place as you know it. Here’s how it breaks down:

*A group can only be eligible for an administrative fee credit at their effective date based on the number of enrolled employees at the time the case is sold. The administrative fee credit programs are available for new Aetna Funding Advantage groups with effective dates of December 1, 2022, to January 1, 2023 unless otherwise noted. This material is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contract. The offer is provided at the sole discretion of Aetna and can be terminated at any time and without notice.

**The Medical and Dental and Medical, Dental and Vision admin credits and discounts cannot be combined – groups get one or the other based on the ancillary products they add.

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Aetna Funding AdvantageSM plans are self-insured by the employer and administered by Aetna Life Insurance Company. Stop loss insurance coverage is offered by Aetna Life Insurance Company.

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