Rewards Like No Other

The Anthem PayForward program is free to join and is a reward your clients cannot get from any other health plan. With this unique program, Anthem group medical plan members can earn up to 15% cash back at more than 12,000 participating retailers such as Home Depot, Target, The Gap and Walmart. How does it work?

Members can:

  • Register online or with the PayForward mobile app
  • Make purchases from 12,000 participating stores
  • Shop online, swipe their registered card or use mobile pay
  • Get up to 15% cash back with each qualified purchase

Whatever they earn, members can use to:

  • Spend or save however they want. Spend it, keep It in their PayForward account or transfer it to a bank account.
  • Pay for health care. Use the funds to help pay for health care cost, such as copays, medications, and more.
  • Share with others – at no cost. Send money to family and friends or donate to any charity, with no fees or surcharges.

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