What is Vivity?

Based in Southern California, the health systems in Vivity’s network are known globally for delivering world-class care. Members have access to top-ranked hospitals, doctors, and specialists, including Cedars Sinai and UCLA Health, among others. The joint-venture partners are also financially invested to deliver the best quality care and patient experience that is accessible and affordable for members. Anthem’s technology connects the health systems in Vivity’s network, enabling providers to better share data and coordinate care, creating a leading-edge, truly integrated approach to healthcare.

Why choose Vivity?

  • Competitive premiums.
  • Vivity includes plans with or without deductibles and predictable member costs.
  • Members can choose from top-ranked doctors in their area.
  • Former competitors share best practices to enhance population health and lower overall healthcare costs.
  • Members receive an enhanced, more-engaging experience.

Vivity SG Broker Brochure

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