2019 UHC Broker Bonus and New Product Announcement

UHC announces the 2019 Broker Bonus program for new groups with effective dates from February 1, 2019, through January 1, 2020, for agents permanently located in California.

  • Business written through Rogers Benefit Group is eligible for the broker bonus.
  • New fully insured Small Group and Key Account medical groups, located in California, with at least 10 enrolled employees qualify for the bonus.
  • Bonus amounts are based on the number of enrolled employees in the eligible medical group.
  • 10 to 49 enrolled employees: $25/member
  • 50 or more enrolled employees: $50/member
  • Receive a higher bonus amount for members enrolled in the new Harmony HMO product or those enrolled on the Advantage network and selecting Canopy Health as their PCP.
    • 10 to 49 enrolled employees: $50/member
    • 50 or more enrolled employees: $50/member
  • Maximum bonus for an eligible group is $50,000.

Bonus Example: Agent sells 2 eligible medical cases and earns a bonus of $12,500 calculated as follows:

Harmony HMO Introduced in Southern California for Q2

The Harmony HMO is more than just a new narrow network. Harmony, in addition to affordability, is a performance network with a more integrated physician-driven care experience, supported by shared data and streamlined processes that promote better health outcomes and lower costs.

Harmony Brochure

The new Harmony HMO plans are available for new and renewing groups with effective dates 4/1/2019 and later and is available in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties (Rating Areas 15,16,17 and 18) with nearly 6,500 physicians and 133 hospitals in the service area. Harmony plans are available in the new Choice Simplified V package and can be offered alongside Signature, Advantage and Focus HMO networks and Select Plus and Core PPO networks. See the updated Choice Simplified Package Brochure Effective 4/1/2019 for complete plan pairing information and visit the RBG Website for Harmony Plan Summaries and SBCs.

Canopy Health is Available with UHC Advantage HMO Plans

UnitedHealthcare Advantage HMO plans have the same great coverage as the traditional Signature network but with a lower premium and include the Canopy Health alliance of clinicians, medical groups, hospitals, and urgent care centers.

Canopy Health is an alliance of top caregivers (IPA & medical group partners and world-class hospitals) across the San Francisco Bay area with a unique approach that gives members the feel of a PPO at an HMO price. Members select a PCP from one of the Canopy Health medical group/IPA partners, but instead of being locked into that medical group for all their care, PCPs are now able to refer their patients to any specialist across the Canopy Health network, regardless of medical group. Simply enroll in a UHC Advantage HMO plan and select a Canopy Health provider.

Canopy Health Alliance Referral Program Flyer

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