The 5 Steps a Broker Needs to Take to Quote (and Win) Large Group Clients

Large Group Strategies

Winning over a large group plan takes a different strategy than smaller plans and presents its own set of challenges. Done well, it’s a real coup and significantly grows your business. Here are five indispensable tips for a broker to quote and win large group business.

Briefly Share Your Background and Experience With Large Groups

People do business with people, not a piece of paper or a brochure. It’s important to present yourself as the expert that is right for them which makes it important to demonstrate your ability to handle large group business. Briefly share your background and experience that gives the potential client confidence that you are the right broker for the job backed by an experienced and knowledgeable team familiar with handling more complex accounts.

Tell Your Company’s Current and Future Benefits Needs

Before launching into what you can offer the client, do your research and if required get support from a trusted general agency who can analyze your approach and provide strategic oversight for quoting and winning large group business.

Begin with requesting a completed quote summarization which allows you to identify the client’s objectives. With the right information at hand, you can then begin to lay out all the options at your disposal. Here are five tools you need to get started.

  • Completed quote summarization
  • Customized ease platform for enrollment
  • Network disruption analysis
  • HR department support
  • SPD construction

Using both historical and current data, you can analyze with greater certainty what the company’s current and future benefit needs are. Matching your solution to the client’s current and future needs is what will get you over the line.

Include Pertinent Details About Your Company

Finding out the company’s carrier history puts you in the driver’s seat because it allows you to identify what worked in the past and what didn’t.

The client doesn’t want a broker that delivers a large group plan, they want a broker who solves their problem of providing a plan that works for both them and their employees, that’s cost-effective, easy to understand and easy for their employees to enroll in. That means your pitch must include how you will deliver the results the client is looking for by including these pertinent details about how you operate along with an outline of your past successes to give the client the confidence they need to make a decision.

Add Disability or Other Outlier Information

A great health plan includes preventative medicine to post-op prescriptions which is life-changing. Remember to include disability and other outlier information that is relevant to the client’s workforce. Make it easy for them to choose you as their preferred broker.

Overview of Employee Census Data

To demonstrate you have done your homework, be sure to include an overview of employee census data relevant to them and their industry. The more you know about your client, and the particular needs of their workforce, the greater the likelihood you will connect with them that will lead to landing their business.

Offering a smart competitive employee benefits package is the key to quoting and winning large group business and allows the client to attract and retain high-value employees.

As the premier general agent for the large group employer market, Rogers Benefit Group knows what it takes to quote and win large group business. Download our guide 3 Simple Strategies to Win Large Group Business. Or schedule a call with Rogers Benefit Group to see how they can best help you win more large business – more often.