The Most Creative Strategies to Win Large Group Business

Large Group Strategies

Landing the business of a large group is a personal coup, but at what cost? You might be spending thousands of dollars in marketing simply to reach these individuals and spending hours of unproductive time attempting to get meetings with key stakeholders — all for nothing. Yet, you know that these large groups need insurance so someone is able to get in the door! Here are a few tips from industry pros on getting the most out of your marketing and outreach activities. Be sure you’re set up for success and then get working!

Demonstrate Ability to Handle the Workload

It’s vital that you are able to demonstrate an ability to handle larger projects and clients and are already providing exceptional support to your current clients as taking on large group business can be a greater drain on your resources than expected. Talk with any current large clients and find out if there is anything they were looking for specifically — or how your pitch appealed to them. Honing in on how you provide the greatest value to current clients is one of the best ways to determine the right messaging for future opportunities. Plus, this gives you an opportunity to analyze the work required to stay up-to-date with larger clients, and if there is anything that you can learn from these interactions.

Become a Partner at Industry Events

Clients appreciate when vendors or partners take the time to attend industry events with a goal of providing education — not a hard sell. Consider this type of activity relationship building for the future. If you are able to present something new or interesting at an industry event or provide valuable insight that helps make life easier for your clients, you might be surprised how likely clients are to keep your name in mind if they’re searching for services that you could provide in the future.

Download: 3 Simple Strategies to Win Large Group Business.

Request Referrals from Current Clients

Your current clients can easily be your best source of new clients, but you can’t be afraid to ask! According to a recent article in Forbes, 60% of marketers agree that referral programs generate a high volume of leads. Clients are much more likely to be engaged in the referral process immediately after making a purchase, so this is the ideal time to make it easy for clients to recommend your services. This is when excitement is highest for your clients and they are often quite willing to share their win with colleagues.

Network Within the Industry

Where’s the best place to learn tips and techniques from the professionals? Within your own industry, of course! Networking with peers can provide you with deep insight into client psychology and provide a new direction for your marketing efforts at the same time. Maintaining relationships within the industry also allows you to have a trusted support network when you need it to create new opportunities and solve big challenges. One of the best ways to find like-minded individuals is by aligning with Rogers Benefit Group California.

Working with a partner like Rogers Benefit Group provides vast exposure for your business, new education opportunities, and a wealth of network professionals for personal and professional outreach. Finding the ideal large group clients for your business takes time and effort, and all the creative strategies that you can muster — but the payoff is certainly worth the time you will invest! Download our complimentary PDF: 3 Simple Strategies to Win Large Group Business.