What Big Agencies Do That Small Agencies Should (And Can!)

Large Group Strategies

It’s easy to complain about not having the resources of a massive agency, but did you know that you can execute some of the most impactful marketing strategies without a 30-person marketing team? In today’s crowded marketplaces, the quantity of information is not nearly as important as ensuring you are always offering exceptional quality. When your audience looks to you for answers to their burning questions, they are elevating your brand mentally and considering you a trusted resource — as opposed to “just another salesperson”. This shift often results in deeper relationships, enhanced communication and feedback . . . and yes, improved revenue. Here are three quick tips that will allow you to harness the power of big-agency tactics at a more moderate scale.

Create Automated Marketing Strategies

It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed when you consider all of the different options for marketing automation: onboarding emails, followup messages after a primary contact and responses to website forms are all opportunities for automation. While a larger agency might be able to create reams of content to share with their audience, smaller agencies might need to be a bit more strategic to still catch the eye of a large group. Try starting with a single automated marketing campaign that will best fit the business needs you are trying to accomplish. For instance, if the goal is to create a steady stream of warm leads to your business, an educational campaign that includes a call to action to contact your office may be a great start. If you want to deepen the engagement with current customers, a drip email series that provides customer success stories and ready-to-use tips might be your best bet.

Download: 3 Simple Strategies to Win Large Group Business.

Provide Education for a Large Group Audience

Creating ongoing education that will engage your audience is one of the best ways to pull in new visitors to your website and ultimately, new clients. Get into the head of your prospects and clients and think about the burning questions they are trying to answer. See how your expertise matches up with their needs, and you’ll have a winner! This doesn’t mean you have to go over-the-top with daily blog posts or a social media frenzy. Individual, thoughtful pieces of content that are focused on serving your audience will provide just the right impact for searchers looking for solid ideas on the topic you are covering. Don’t feel constrained to the written word — videos and podcasts are also great ways to connect with different demographics!

Present the Firm as Thought Leaders

Are leaders and key sales team professionals spending time at industry events that potential clients will attend? When you apply to be a speaker at these events, it’s vital that you actually have some insight to share as opposed to simply using the time as a sales spiel. Introduce new ideas in creative ways, such as bringing along one of your best customers as a case study. When your prospects are in the audience at their next trade show, they will appreciate the firm that goes out of their way to be helpful and provide actionable information without feeling like such a strong sales pitch.

Having a large group of peers to relate to offers your business some impressive benefits: a national presence, exceptional networking opportunities, ongoing training and education and access to proven tools such as our PDF: 3 Simple Strategies to Win Large Group Business. You can download this tool online for free or contact Rogers Benefit Group today if you are ready to supercharge your expansion with a large group business model.