3 Steps for Sales Outreach in Uncertain Times

National Coverage Strategies

Educate, Don’t Sell

The unprecedented situation we encountered at the beginning of 2020 is one that few could have predicted: nearly 40% of America’s workforce is now on an enforced remote work policy with no end date in sight. While this may be business as usual for massive organizations such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, the majority of companies are still testing the waters with their remote working arrangements. When you add in the questions and concerns around where healthcare can be obtained, the policies that are in effect for remote doctor visits, how to take care of sick relatives and juggling childcare when school is no longer in session for weeks on end — the blows to your staff simply seem to keep coming. You can help reduce the confusion by releasing clear and consistent communication or “cheat sheets” that provide answers to frequently asked questions. This is particularly important for companies that will need national coverage, as your contacts may be new at working with employees outside their geographic vicinity.

Don’t Reach Out Without a Reason

A one-time message of hope can raise awareness, but your customers do not need a weekly email with few new details simply stating “We’re here for you”. Hopefully, your customers understand that they can call upon you in times of need and that you’ll be there to answer! When you overshare the same information repeatedly or offer emails or phone calls that add little value for your audience, you can be causing more of a problem than you realize. Give your customers time to rally and gather their thoughts before you reach out again. Human resources professionals are being bombarded with questions at a level that can be difficult to sustain. Keep in mind that your contacts are likely to be working remotely for the first time, too — and may not have access to the same tools and information that was at their fingertips in their traditional office environment.

Share How You Offer Support

While you don’t want to overwhelm your contacts with unnecessary information, you do want to ensure that they are aware of the resources that you offer that can help improve their daily workflow or reduce anxiety. Traditional marketing demands that you send multiple messages over a period of time to bring your brand top-of-mind. Instead of adding to the inbox clutter at this time, it may be best to send notes or call only when you have new information to share. With the recent changes in the government response, HR departments may need help translating the legislative guidelines into practical support for their teams. This would be the ideal resource to create and share with your customer network.

The bottom line? This is the time to be generous with your time, providing service and solutions that your clients need without asking for a sale. When the current financial and healthcare-related crisis is over, your customers will be able to rave to their colleagues about the fantastic service they received from you when they needed you the most.

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