3 Steps to Quoting Companies Outside California

National Coverage Strategies

While California is a massive state, there are plenty of organizations that are based in California that are expanding elsewhere — and vice versa. The rise of the remote workforce in today’s society proves that the 9-to-5 desk job is unlikely to survive the next few decades, as more than 66% of companies allow some opportunities for remote work. This leads to an incredibly diverse environment and one that is increasingly complex in terms of providing equitable benefits and insurance to employees while conforming with all state and national laws. While there is a certain amount of research that you can gain to go after specific clients, the conversation becomes much easier if you have access to partners with a national presence.

Leverage Similarities to CA Companies

There’s no question that California laws are unique in insurance and legal matters, while other states are often different in their requirements. When you are working with a large prospect from another state, look for similarities between their organization and your local partners and find what makes your offer compelling to your current clients in California. Chances are, those same challenges are being experienced elsewhere, and you can move the conversation forward by presenting how you’ve helped California companies by providing workable solutions.

Determine Differences in Laws or Requirements

Documenting that you understand the differences between California laws and requirements and those of the companies that you are courting will prove that you can handle managing a national presence for your insurance agency. Do plenty of research and ensure that you have answers to burning questions for prospects that are outside the bounds of California’s borders, and your prospects will appreciate the level of knowledge that you bring to the table. Websites such as FindLaw.com offer resources that have details on insurance laws by state, so you can quickly research any differences in the legal requirements for your prospects. These laws are developed to protect consumers and prohibit deceptive marketing practices, so it’s vital that you understand the nuances involved in operating in different states before you branch out.

Download: 6 Steps to Ensure Your Clients’ Remote Workers Are Covered

Find a Local Partner

If you are still struggling to quote companies outside of California, why not consider working with a local partner? Rogers Benefit Group maintains a national presence that provides you with a ready-made network of professionals to partner with who have knowledge of the regulatory and business challenges of the region. Maintaining these relationships allows you to work closely together to grow your business while expanding into different regions of the country with ease. Not only will a local partner potentially have contacts at local carriers and vendors, but these partners might also be able to help you with any regional differences that are not necessarily laws on the books — but more of a nuance to be considered during your conversations with prospects.

With remote work quickly becoming more the norm than an exception, there are plenty of opportunities outside of California for enterprising insurance professionals. Be sure you are offering all of the solutions that your clients need by downloading our free checklist 6 Steps to Ensure Your Clients’ Remote Workers are Covered and reach out to Rogers Benefit Group to learn all of the benefits associated with finding a local partner that is backed by the national presence of a leader in the insurance industry.