3 Ways to Help Clients Support Their Remote Workforce    

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Working remotely can be a challenge for staff members as well as the HR professionals who support them. Everything from differing tax laws to changes in the way benefits are administered can cause confusion and frustration, made more difficult to handle due to the distance involved. When staff members are able to visit their HR representative’s desk for a quick question, it can often go a long way towards quickly resolving questions. Since this isn’t an option for many remote staff members, it’s vital to provide additional suggestions for your clients as they navigate the uncertain paths of supporting their remote workforce. These suggestions will help ensure that your clients are empowered to provide the best possible service for local and remote staff members.

Provide Ongoing Education for Your Clients

Employee benefits and insurance offerings often undergo significant changes every year, which can make it difficult for HR professionals to ensure that they are answering questions accurately. When you provide your clients with an ongoing stream of education in the form of emails, regular check-ins, and webinars, you’re helping ensure that these hard-working individuals have the information needed to feel confident in their responses to staff member queries.

Offer Suggestions to Tailor Benefits Offerings

Leaders in the human resources world are continually looking for ways to provide the best possible assistance and support to their employees and take pride in their ability to help smooth the path for their staff members. With remote staff members, there are likely to be some benefits that are not as valuable for a large group of remote workers, such as an in-house clinic or access to local gyms. When you help suggest ways to tailor benefits offerings in a way that will benefit remote staff members (without causing excessive administration for home office workers), your clients will applaud your actions and truly appreciate your efforts.

Tailoring benefits offerings doesn’t have to be complex or require a great deal of work. Sometimes, it may be as simple as allowing staff members to make recommendations themselves. When you encourage clients to actively engage their staff through direct messaging or online questionnaires and surveys, the results may be surprising. This type of engagement with staff members around insurance and benefits helps enhance overall communication and provides staff members with the feeling that they are being heard — and that actions are being taken to help support their needs.

Ensure Information is Consolidated and Available Digitally

Sending a monthly or bi-monthly email is rarely enough to get your messages across, which is why many insurance professionals recommend sending messages multiple ways on the same topic. This could be everything from a consolidated website where you gather all the details around specific topics for your clients to use as reference or live webinars where employees can ask questions and receive responses in real-time. This interaction increases the sense of community and reinforces the importance of staff success for leadership. Creating these experiences doesn’t have to be over-the-top expensive — simple webinars that are recorded for later review and online resources can be produced cost-effectively and used to support staff members for several months.

Providing these tips to your clients may be exactly what they need to be more successful as they’re supporting a large group of remote workers. Understanding a distributed workforce requires a different level of care and thoughtfulness, particularly when your clients are struggling to support everyday operations themselves. Fortunately, you’ll have the tools and solutions that your clients need to help ensure that they are successful during the COVID-19 social distancing period and beyond! Learn more about the tools you can provide for clients to help support their remote workforce when you reach out to the professionals at Rogers Benefit Group or download our free PDF: 6 Steps to Ensure Your Clients’ Remote Workers are Covered