4 Mistakes to Avoid When Quoting Plans Out-of-State

National Coverage Strategies

In this world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quote engine technology, are we missing something here – the human touch? It’s very difficult for clients from out of state to form a relationship with computer-driven insurance quotes for each person is unique as are their specific needs. Clients don’t buy insurance, they buy peace of mind! 

The key to successfully providing a service that out of state clients can relate to is the human touch.  Providing a personalized service that spans renewal evaluation, proposal development, and enrollment assistance is of the utmost importance if you want to succeed.

Here are 4 critical mistakes to avoid when quoting plans out of state to ensure your renewal strategies hit the mark with a customer-centric approach. 

Understand Your Audience

Because insurance and legal matters vary from state to state, getting to understand your audience is critical to success. By actively engaging clients with online questionnaires and regular surveys gives you a greater understanding of their key concerns. This feedback is invaluable and provides human resource professionals and their employees with a voice and when they feel listened to, they are more likely to engage on a higher level.

As a broker, it’s also important to understand any changes that have happened throughout the year. Asking questions like; “Has the workforce changed and if so how? What is the ratio of baby boomers looking to retire and millennials coming into the workforce? Has the company downsized or experienced exponential growth?”

When you understand your audience, naturally you can provide competitive solutions that meet the needs of your clients.

Keep Needs of Remote Staff in Mind With Renewal Strategies

Adapting to this new world reality of working remotely, means keeping abreast of the technology that you need to use to successfully connect with out of state clients. That way you can deliver renewal strategies that resonate with them and their current circumstances regardless of where they live or work. 

The great news is, with modern technology you can engage with more people at once regardless if they work in an office or work remotely. Using video conferencing technology you can discuss the renewal process and present options to a wider audience culminating with a question and answer session to clarify key concerns. This strategy allows you to reach many clients simultaneously regardless of their location now that this technology is more readily accepted. 

Be Sensitive to Cultural Differences

With recent events, cultural sensitivity is at the forefront of many across the country at this time. Keeping up with change is paramount to being seen as the agent of choice when it comes to renewals. Never assume your out of state audience is the same as where you live. Not only are there cultural differences, but you must also take into account any differences in regional and state legislation.

Do your research in advance as to any cultural differences that may exist in your target audience and design a renewal strategy that also aligns with local customs and needs. Sensitivity to cultural differences allows you as a benefits broker to approach the renewal process and offer solutions that are culturally sensitive.

Be Proactive With Your Communication

Communication is the key to renewing employee benefit policies as these often change from year to year. Keep in mind, every client has a different way of receiving and processing information especially when dealing with those in another state. Some like to listen, others need diagrams and pictures and still, others like to process information with paper-based information therefore never assume one communication style is right for them.

Sending regular emails, developing information sheets, creating short videos along with webinars, video conferencing, and chat are all effective ways to communicate more effectively across borders. 

The single most important thing you can do is communicate with your clients on a regular basis to build deeper relationships. This might be as simple as creating a monthly newsletter that keeps them informed about pressing issues or advising them of any changes throughout the year that may impact existing policies, they will appreciate you for it. Need more great tips and education? Contact the team at Rogers Benefit Group to learn about this and other benefits of membership. Also be sure to download free PDF: “6 Steps to Ensure Your Clients’ Remote Workers are Covered“.