Remote Working and Its Impact on Benefits

National Coverage Strategies

Rogers Benefit Group has been making a difference with hands-on support and long-term partnership for decades. We’ve worked from the ground up to build a solid national presence and lasting connections with clients. The Covid-19 social distancing period has pushed many large group businesses to adapt quickly to a remote working framework. Remote working has unique advantages and drawbacks. The clients almost always save overhead, but if not careful, can easily lose base with their employees.

Keeping Large Groups Organized Across State Lines

Organization and preparation are the fighting weapons of choice against the battle of declining employee morale and productivity. As a small group broker, you have a finite understanding of complex situations. Remote work can allow for cohesion to deteriorate if not properly looked after. Keeping large group businesses organized across state lines and maintaining a national presence can look like ensuring information is condensed and available for digital consumption. Monthly emails are not sufficient enough to relay your message. Multi-channel communication through live webinars and easy-to-read websites help relay a message more clearly to employees.

Finding Healthcare Options That Will Work Remotely

Rogers Benefit Group takes pride in providing exceptional support and expertise in a personable way. As businesses move to remote work, the needs of the clients and employees change. Local gym benefits and in-house accommodations will no longer provide the advantages it once did. Healthcare in a remote workplace looks different for most employees, knowing the local healthcare market allows you to better serve your clients.

Consider offering ways on how to create a productive at-home work environment or sharing mental healthcare options. Mental healthcare not only benefits the staff but strengthens the business, for a company is only as strong as its lowest morale. Fitness centers are not an option for most people during these socially distant times, but online classes offering yoga or meditation are. Taking the time to educate and connect over healthcare options that will work remotely provides a human touch in an increasingly socially distant workplace.

Maintaining Consistent Information for All Staff

It’s wise to be known for consistency. Remote working presents the challenge of bringing multiple locations together and attempting to make it feel like one coherent unit. Multi-channel marketing and communication can have the hazard of inconsistent information being relayed. Take the steps to break free from this pitfall and make certain that the individual messages equate to a single larger idea, you will gain the trust of staff with consistency. Make the extra time to thoroughly review that email or website article, for it makes the message convey more authentically. Losing the physical presence of employees doesn’t need to spell inaccuracy and disorientation.

Is remote working becoming the new normal? Preparing for the possibility will help keep you one step ahead of the competition. Rogers Benefit Group is one of the largest General Agencies in the country. Geography is no longer a hindrance to growth and large group businesses are looking anywhere and everywhere for the best of the best brokers.

Consider the tips in this article to help strengthen your national presence and overall confidence from clients. Be sure to prepare for success by reviewing the checklist: 6 Steps to Ensure Your Clients’ Remote Workers are Covered and reach out to Rogers Benefit Group for more assistance.