How to Evaluate the Entire Group Health Plan Market at Once

Renewal Strategies

When your clients need to select a new health plan or you are working with a new client purchasing healthcare coverage for the first time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are hundreds of options and configurations available, making it challenging to ensure you are making the right recommendations for a particular client. Simply finding a summary of benefits to compare health plans can be a challenge, and when you drill into the various choices it’s not surprising that many organizations throw up their hands and go with one of a handful of options that are comfortable and well-known. Fortunately, there are flexible options that can help you determine the ideal solution from investigation through annual enrollment.

Narrow Your Search to Preferred Options

Searching across the entire health plan market at once could be exhausting, particularly if you don’t have a solid idea of what your client will need. Gaining enough information to find solutions that will meet their needs requires more than simply understanding how many people are in the organization and what type of work they do. You’ll need to dig a bit deeper into their employee demographics and psychographics to understand which type of health plan options will be a good fit. This could be everything from the relative age of their staff members to whether they have remote staff members or if everyone is in the same relative geographic area. Honing in on this information allows you to be as particular as possible in defining the ideal solution that will fit the unique needs of your client’s business.

Providing Renewal Focused Estimates

Creating estimates for your client shouldn’t be considered a one-time activity. Instead, you should view this as a critical touchpoint that allows you to provide detailed education and information to your clients that will enhance their journey. That could mean everything from going above and beyond to find the best health plans for their needs to creating a detailed schedule of information that can be shared with their employee audience. Each step of the process is extremely important, and having the right tools and resources available at your fingertips can help boost your effectiveness and efficiency in serving your clients. Ensuring that each activity is renewal focused will help you stay on track to providing exceptional service that your clients will appreciate both now and in the future. Quoting shouldn’t be painful and difficult, and having the right digital tools in place will certainly help you speed up the process of providing this information to clients in a format that they are able to quickly understand.

Contact Rogers Benefit Group Cal today to learn more about our group quoting services. We can help provide your organization with the information needed to ensure your team is renewal focused and making the best possible use of their time with clients. We provide exceptional clarity into the various options available on the health insurance exchanges, so you always have the most up-to-date information available. From quoting to proposal generation, you’ll be able to create the professional interactions your clients crave when you partner with Rogers Benefit Group. Keep your processes moving smoothly when you download our complimentary PDF to share with your clients: How to Streamline Your Renewal Process.