How to Maximize Insurance Companies’ Resources for Your Renewals

Renewal Strategies

This past year will have seen tremendous changes in your customer base’s demographics. Some companies may longer be in business, others have laid off staff, and some clients have hired new people. This happens every year, making it vital you get in touch with your client base as soon as possible to find out what changes have incurred during the year.

No doubt, as an insurance broker, you want to work smarter rather than harder. With the regular changes employers face with staffing levels, you want to set yourself up for success before the next open enrollment period and become 100 percent renewal focused. The more you can leverage an insurance company’s resources, the more likely you will get a jump on the competition.

Access to The Latest Tools, Training, and Renewal Information

Before getting discouraged about changes in employment levels, being proactive is the key to success. It’s possible to stay renewal focussed and get organized by streamlining your processes before open enrollment.

For instance,  leveraging all their resources through a general agency like Rogers Benefit Group will undoubtedly release the worry and stress most brokers feel during the renewal process. You will be amazed at the resources they provide, from fine-tuning your communications strategy to providing enrollment forms online, HR tools, sales tools; their vast array of resources are there to support you to succeed.

Essential Networking With Peers Around the Region

They say it’s lonely at the top – which of course, is valid as an individual broker because, other than friends and family, you have no one to mentor you. While family and friends have your best interests at heart, they aren’t in a position to understand your business and the challenges you encounter. This is a key reason why so many independent insurance brokers network with peers around the region. You can easily get into your clients’ heads by asking your peers about common challenges they have faced and how they overcame them.

Working with Rogers Benefit Group, you will benefit from the personal service they provide in proposal development, enrollment assistance, and a renewal evaluation. When supported by peers with their insights allows you to be more strategic in your approach with clients.

Listen to Challenges Experienced by Other Brokers and Learn How to Overcome Them

When you listen to the challenges and concerns voiced by other brokers, indirectly, they become your mentor as you learn from their vast wealth of experience. You learn what works and what doesn’t, where they access handy resources, and how to overcome a challenge, you are most likely experiencing yourself.

Roger Benefits Group has come up with 5 Ways to Streamline Your Renewal Process and Save Time, Money & Resources to help you on your way. When you download this guide, you will find strategies inside that will save you time and money. This guide will undoubtedly help you retain more clients and provide an effective and efficient renewal process. Whether you have been in the business for years or are relatively new to the industry, this guide provides you with plenty of opportunities to identify new prospects and retain existing customers.

The biggest criticism from clients and employees alike is a lack of communication and clarification around employee benefits. When you enlist a general agency’s help, it minimizes this criticism because you can leverage their expertise in all renewal process areas, keeping both clients and employees informed.  When you build deeper relationships with others, you will be better positioned to grow your business and retain existing clients.