Tips for a Seamless Renewal Process

Renewal Strategies

Changing regulations, rising premiums and nebulous pricing make employee benefits renewals challenging for every Employee Benefits Producer.

Before you get discouraged about your next renewal period, know that it is possible to streamline your process. The more organized and proactive you are, the more clear this somewhat murky time will look. Read our expert tips and discover proven methods to help make your renewal period run smoothly.

Gain confidence in your strategy for higher retention rates by getting specialized help. At Rogers Benefit Group, we compensate our entire team for renewing business. Now we’ve broken down 5 easy, actionable steps you can take to help retain more clients and have an efficient, effective renewal process. Get our guide 5 Ways to Streamline Your Renewal Process and Save Time, Money & Resources below.

From fine-tuning your communications strategy to choosing the right technical help, even seemingly small changes can make a big difference. Avoid making common mistakes like not properly evaluating previous enrollments or ignoring analytics altogether. And remember you don’t have to do it alone. Building relationships and strategically enlisting the right help can bring a huge return on your investment.

Streamlining your renewal process not only reduces your stress, but it also helps save time, money and resources. Before you head into your next renewal period, click the link below to discover how you can make it your most successful one yet.

Download: 5 Ways to Streamline Your Renewal Process and Save Time, Money & Resources