What Renewal Focused Support From Your General Agency Should Look Like

Renewal Strategies

For every agent, benefits renewal time can be stressful especially with changing regulations obscure pricing and rising premiums, it’s hard to know where to start. With the right renewal focused support, you can turn what is seemingly a complicated process into one that is streamlined with your client’s needs at the forefront of your efforts.

What Is Meant By Renewal Focused Support

While group renewals can be challenging, its also an exciting time of year where you get to analyze what worked well during previous renewal periods and how you can improve upon these processes to deliver a superior customer experience. This means providing both your clients and their employees with the right support that makes renewals a seamless experience.

Early Previews Of Any Changes

Consider what it is that keeps your clients coming back year after year? With the right support your clients need to make an informed decision, you will find your conversion rates will increase exponentially. In determining what the right support is, begin by researching your client’s past, present, and future needs. Will their group size increase in the coming months? Will any employees shift to remote work throughout the year?

Researching Client Needs

Every client you work with will have differing needs depending on their internal processes, budgetary constraints, and the demographics of their employees. A lot will have changed since the last renewal process, new employees come on board, others retired or resign, the business environment may have changed along with possible changes in location. To support the renewal process effectively, this research will allow you to prepare a renewal support package that resonates with your clients.

Analysis of Updates To Your Current Programs

Just as your client needs change over time, so does compliance. It’s critically important to analyze any changes in compliance and other government-mandated changes from the get-go. Take the time in advance to update the documents and tools you’ve used successfully in the past along with any other documentation you use on a regular basis.

Ongoing Communication in the Months Leading Up to Enrollment

Being renewal support focused means asking your clients and their employees what tools they liked using in the past and any changes or additional tools they want to see in the future. Well designed questionnaires not only keeps your general agency top of mind, but it also demonstrates your commitment to providing a superior customer experience.

An out-of-date information sheet does little to instill confidence in your clients. They need current and relevant information that allows them to make an informed decision. By keeping your brand top of mind with decisive, memorable, and confident copy, the response from prospects and clients is likely to be more favorable.

Communication is Key

The more you communicate on a regular basis, the better your clients will feel supported. Send out regular emails, summarize benefits in a clear concise manner that makes it easier for clients and their employees to understand. Not everyone likes to read – why not make a video with graphics that are easy for others to absorb?

When you take a supportive approach to the renewal of benefits, your clients and their employees gain a greater perspective on how much you value them.

Are you prepared to deliver a renewal focussed support strategy that will increase your chances of success? To learn more about what renewal focused support looks like, download our guide How to Streamline Your Renewal Process to tap into our vast repository of support materials — which means you will more prepared to fine-tune the renewal process this year and for coming years.