Q3 2021 rates are now available, contact your RBG representative for a quote. Full rate tables are also posted at Blue Shield Broker Connection dedicated Rates page. You can find the Rate Tables page here. The third-quarter 2021 rate action is a statewide average of 1.2%.

Group renewal packets include an options census for quick quoting that displays the current and renewing rates, along with several plan options with the new 2021 rates. This options census includes Trio HMO and Tandem PPO plans comparable to a group’s current Access+ HMO® or Full PPO plan selections. You may find Trio and Tandem can reduce your clients’ costs without requiring their employees to change providers. The statewide average rate difference between Trio HMO and Access+ HMO is 18%, and there is a 9% difference between Tandem PPO and Full PPO.

July, August, and September renewals
July through September group renewals will be available to brokers through Shield Renewals on Thursday, April 8,* while group-level changes can be made using Small Group Online Renewal (SGOR) beginning Friday, April 23.*

As a reminder, group renewal information is available as a microsite for each group, and these can be accessed through Shield Renewals. No download is required; you can open the site, find the information you need, and send the link or selected components to your clients.

Groups will receive an email notification and a one-page mailed letter. The letter will direct them to their renewal microsite for complete renewal information. Full renewal printed packets will only be mailed to groups if these sites are not visited on or before the dates outlined below.

  • July renewals: Employer notifications sent April 26 | Access site by May 18
  • August renewals: Employer notifications sent May 25 | Access site by June 15
  • September renewal: Employer notifications sent June 25 | Access site by July 16

Groups are also notified by email of the online availability of their health plan documents — Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC) — which can also be accessed by brokers through the Shield Renewals site.

Visit the Renewal Center for all your Blue Shield small business renewal needs.
*Dates subject to change

A few tips and tools to help you manage your third quarter small business accounts.

  • Reminder: avoid pends for renewing groups with “select all plans” in the online renewal tool.
  • Use the Plan Comparison Tool to quickly select from Blue Shield’s portfolio of medical, dental, or vision plans and compare key benefits side by side.

Small business plan documents (SOB, SBC, EOC) for medical plans, pharmacy plans, dental plans, and life insurance plans are available in one location.

Call your Rogers Benefit Group team for a Trio quote.