Blue Shield of California Offers $100 Per Member “Welcome Back” Bonus

Blue Shield of California want your support to bring back small business groups that left Blue Shield last year and enroll them in their Trio HMO or Tandem PPO plans. Blue Shield believes these high-value networks are an essential component of building a health care model that is sustainably affordable, and that the plan designs offered are innovative with the member at the center.

When a group returns to Blue Shield coverage, and the member enrolls in a Trio HMO or Tandem PPO plan with a December 2020 or January 2021 effective date, Blue Shield is offering a $100 per member “welcome back” bonus. This is in addition to their current Medical Incentive Program, which already offers $100 per member enrolling in Trio or Tandem. Click here for details.

Blue Shield knows it’s not about the bonus – it’s about the group and member experience. It’s important to note that they’ve made access to care more convenient with expanded coverage areas and more providers in-network.

Blue Shield has also added benefits and services for Trio HMO and Tandem PPO members, including:

  • No-cost Teladoc visits for medical and mental health virtual care
  • $0 copay for first on-demand doctor house call from Heal, plus $0 delivery fee on prescriptions after consults
  • Support for managing stress, sleep, anxiety, depression and more with the myStrength digital platform, at no additional cost
  • LifeSpring meal delivery and Call the Car non-emergency transportation services, available to eligible members at no additional cost
  • Healthy Savings program for direct saving on groceries

The new Blue Shield of California Employer Enrollment Tool makes it faster and easier to enroll groups with Blue Shield, and there’s a bonus for that too – $25 per member.

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