The hybrid Virtual BlueSM model is much more than a telehealth offering

Blue Shield built the new virtual-first plan Virtual Blue SM to meet the higher expectations of your clients and their employees during a new era of healthcare delivery. Virtual Blue is redefining virtual care, extending and expanding the features of a typical telehealth offering.

Basic telehealth can be a good short-term resource, but telehealth options are limited in delivery (virtual only) and capabilities (reactive engagement, no recurring relationships, limited specialist care).

Virtual Blue offers flexibility, integration, and convenience by combining in-person and virtual care delivery in a single plan. Virtual Blue members receive integrated physical and mental health across their care journey instead of single points instances of provider contact. Convenience is a key attribute of Virtual Blue, with members receiving short appointment lead times and online booking for virtual services – all under our state-wide and national in-person networks.

Visit the Virtual Blue page for a deeper look at the ways a virtual plan can benefit your clients and their employees. Virtual Blue is available for enrollments beginning January 2023.

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