Blue Shield Q4 Update

Blue Shield quoting is now available for Q4. Contact your RBG representative for assistance.

Rate Stability:

Blue Shield has a statewide average rate change of -1.2% for fourth-quarter 2020. The statewide compounded average rate change for small businesses renewing in Q4 is 0.6%. Complete rate tables for medical plans, dental plans, and vision plans are available in the rate books here, on Broker Connection. Rate tables for dental plans and vision plans are included in the same file as the medical plans for each region. Rate tables for closed dental plans are posted on this page as well, as a separate file from the regional rate books; closed plan rate tables are not included in group renewal kits.

Fourth Quarter Renewal Availability:

Renewal kits for October and November renewing groups will be accessible for brokers on July 14, with group-level changes available July 17 through the small group online renewal (SGOR) tool. Employers will begin receiving notifications July 28, which allows some time for brokers to review and prepare for any questions. Renewal notifications will not reflect any plan changes made through SGOR between July 17 and July 28.

December renewals will be available to brokers August 14th.

With changing economic and financial circumstances impacting many small businesses, plans with lower premiums may be of greater interest now than before. The renewal kits include an “options” page showing rates at both the group and member level for buy-down plan selections. These include switching to Trio HMO or Tandem PPO plan options, which feature the same plan design as their full network counterparts, but at a lower cost. Tandem may be an especially viable option for groups with a higher number of out-of-state employees who are already accessing benefits through the BlueCard&reg network program.

Visit the Renewal Center for complete information and resources.

Contact your RBG representative for more information. We look forward to supporting you!