Q4 2023 rates now available

Blue Shield is pleased to announce their Q4 2023 rate book is now available on the dedicated Rates page of Broker Connection. Their fourth-quarter 2023 rate action is a statewide average of 1.4%. Closed rate books and more information about rates can also be found on Broker Connection Small Business rates

Don’t forget, the Employer Enrollment Tool lets you easily find quotes and provides a streamlined, digital experience for all your Q4 enrollments.

October, November, and December 2023 renewals

Groups renewing in October and November will become available to brokers through Shield Renewals on Monday, July 10,* while group-level changes can be made using Small Group Online Renewal (SGOR) beginning Friday, July 14.* December groups will be available on Monday, August 28,* while group-level changes can be made using Small Group Online Renewal (SGOR) beginning Thursday, August 31.* To review exact renewal and enrollment dates for Q4, plus enrollment materials and updated rates books, visit the Renewal Center page on Broker Connection.

You can also access this new Broker Renewal Guide as a checklist to support your group renewals.

Group renewal information is available as a microsite for each group, and these can be accessed through Shield Renewals. No download is required; you can open the site, find the information you need, and send the link or selected components to your clients. You can also access the medical choice chart option (which provides information about your clients’ current and new plan rate) to buy up or buy down and check if Trio or Tandem are available. The choice chart will include the rate differential if you choose to move your client.

* Dates subject to change.

Medical plan updates

The Blue Shield of California Virtual BlueSM plans for Small Business offer your clients comprehensive, connected coverage that puts their employees first. Virtual Blue delivers with round-the-clock virtual care, $0 virtual visits, and in-person care when they want it – driving value for businesses of all sizes. Learn more here.

Off-Exchange PPO plan updates:

  • New PPO Plans:
    • Virtual BlueSM Gold PPO 1500/45
    • Virtual BlueSM Bronze PPO 7500/75

Off-exchange HMO plan updates:

  • Network expansion for Bronze HMO 7000/70
    The Bronze HMO 7000/70 is now available on Access+ and local Access+. This plan has rich benefits at a low cost. All professional services are available prior to deductibles. It includes integrated pharmacy deductibles, flat copays, and chiropractic services.

Mirror PPO plan updates:

  • New Mirror HDHP PPO plans
    • Mirror Silver PPO Savings 2300/25%
    • Mirror Bronze PPO Savings 7000

Mirror HMO plan updates:

  • New Mirror HMO plans
    • Mirror Bronze HMO 7000/70 – available on the Trio HMO network only
  • Network expansion to Access+ HMO
    • Mirror Platinum 90 HMO 0/20
    • Mirror Gold 80 HMO 250/35
    • Mirror Silver 70 HMO 2500/55

Complete benefits for all of the small business plans can be found on Broker Connection. For exact terms and conditions of coverage for all 2023 plan offerings, refer to the Evidence of Coverage and the plan contract.

You can compare the benefits of current plan selections with these new plan options by using the Blue Shield Plan Comparison Tool

A list of small business medical plans that changed names for 2023 can be found here.

Sell more, earn more with Blue Shield’s rewards programs

Be sure to take advantage of each program and be rewarded for your hard work selling Blue Shield:

  • Earn 25 points for setting up a group on autopay during the initial enrollment. Increase your earnings by selling Virtual Blue and Tandem PPO plans. Learn more about the Small Business Incentive program here.
  • The Renewal Rewards program will earn you 100 points for every new Tandem and Virtual Blue PPO Membership. Learn more here.
  • Blue Shield’s Direct Elite Rewards program benefits direct-selling small business brokers and is available for groups with effectives dates from February 2023 – January 2024.

For more on available rewards programs for 2023 contact your Rogers Benefit Group representative or go to Broker Connection Rewards and Commissions page.

Quick links for Blue Shield plan offerings

Blue Shield has assembled a few quick links covering thier plan offerings, ready at your fingertips:

Reminder: dental plan updates for 2023

Earlier this year Blue Shield introduced 8 new 2023 DPPO plans that provide your groups with more options and increased offerings. They also expanded their “Marketed” DPPO portfolio plan from 22 to 30 DPPO plans.

The 2023 newly designed plans include:

  • Offering $1500 calendar year maximum option under Bronze DPPO.
    • Existing Bronze DPPO plans include $1000 calendar year maximum.
  • Offering MAC out-of-network reimbursement option under Gold DPPO.
    • Existing Gold DPPO plans include U90 out-of-network reimbursement.
  • Plan offerings are:
    • Bronze DPPO/1500/MAC
    • Bronze DPPO/MAC/Child Only Ortho
    • Bronze Voluntary DPPO/ $1500/MAC
    • Bronze Voluntary DPPO/$1500/MAC/Child Only Ortho
    • Gold DPPO/$1500/MAC
    • Gold DPPO/$1500/MAC/Adult+Child Ortho
    • Gold DPPO/$2000/MAC
    • Gold DPPO/$2000/MAC/Adult+Child Ortho

Dental plans will be withdrawn in 2024

Thirteen DPPO plans and one DINO plans (listed here) will be withdrawn from Blue Shield’s Specialty portfolio beginning January 1, 2024, as part of their product transformation and portfolio simplification efforts. It is encouraged broker and consultant partners begin moving groups out of the plans as early as 2023 renewal. Groups in the fourteen plans being withdrawn will automatically be mapped to a recommended plan during 2024 renewal, as membership cannot remain in a withdrawn plan. Groups will be allowed to choose any other marketed portfolio plan.

To learn more about Blue Shield’s specialty plan offerings for 2023 check out the Q4 Specialty Sales Guide.

2024 new vision vendor is EyeMed

EyeMed is taking over the administration of MES Vision benefits for Blue Shield groups and members in 2024. For more than a year, EyeMed and MES have been working together to ensure a smooth transition. Most providers have been contracted by EyeMed to minimize member disruption.

Blue Shield will be providing more information on the transition in the months to come.

Please reach out to your Rogers Benefit Group representative with any questions.