Covered California for Small Business Extends Broker Bonus Program

CCSB bonus earned is based upon group size:

Earn up to $8,000 for enrolling a new small with CCSB for Feb 1, 2019 – June 1, 2019 effective dates.

Full details on the extended CCSB bonus program can be found on the Covered California 2019 Bonus Flyer.

Not certified with CCSB? Don’t get left out!

Covered California for Small Business continues gaining in popularity at a tremendous rate with small group employers and it is easy to enhance your portfolio with CCSB. The updated online certification program only takes about an hour to complete. Visit the CCSB Training and Certification Page to get started.

CCSB quoting through June 2019 is available. Request quotes from your RBG Team today!