Covered California for Small Business Now Allows Online Invoice Payment!

The PayNow function, newly available through the CCSB Employer Portal, allows groups to save time by paying their invoices online. Announcement and instruction emails are going out to current CCSB employer groups.

What you need to know to help guide your clients:

Employers simply log on to the CCSB Employer Portal.

Groups that have not yet registered their employer account may do so by clicking the Employer Registration button. They will need their most recent invoice to verify information and proceed with registration.

Once logged on, employers may select “View Invoices” from the top menu bar or directly from the homepage dashboard to view a current account summary as well as invoice history.

Employers can then use the PayNow feature to pay the group’s current account balance or select a different amount of their choosing. Note, the group may be subject to termination if the full amount is not received.

Registered users pay via ACH using a personal or corporate check. Credit cards are not accepted.