California employers with 25-99 full-time employees can benefit from a self-funded alternative to age-rated plans with Cigna’s new Level Funding quoting methodology.

Advantages of Cigna Level Funding

  • A self-funded medical plan and stop-loss insurance policy with no gaps in coverage.
  • Utilize the same Open Access Plus (OAP) and LocalPlusĀ® networks as fully insured plans.
  • Monthly invoice and claims reporting with plan performance versus the full-year claim liability.
  • Comprehensive case, utilization and clinical management, like fully insured products.
  • No additional payment due at time of termination*; all plans are composite-rated.
  • 24/7 live customer service plus One GuideĀ® personalized 1:1 support.

*Terminal funds collected in the first year cover claims incurred prior to termination and submitted afterward; costs are known up-front, eliminating surprises.

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