What Makes Unum Life and LTD Unique?

Life/AD&D Distinctive Features

  • Buy 10 Program allows employees to secure their future insurability
    – When an employee enrolls in at least $10,000 in Voluntary Life coverage when initially eligible they can increase their coverage up to the guarantee issue limit at any future open enrollment without answering health questions. The program also applies to enrolled spouses and children.
  • Spouses can purchase up to 100% of the employee’s amount of Voluntary Life coverage
  • The Continuity of Coverage provision makes the switch to Unum Life/AD&D seamless – employees and dependents will remain covered at the same amount during all approved absences, such as FMLA, short term or long term disability, pregnancy and others. Learn more

LTD Enhancements on Unum Policies

  • No limitation for musculoskeletal disorders
  • No mandatory rehabilitation
  • Usual occupation coverage in CA – protects employees specific to their occupation and duties
  • No offsets for salary continuation
  • The Unum Advantage: Market Leadership in Financial Protection Brochure

Work-Life Balance EAP – free to employees and their families

  • 3 face-to-face sessions every 6 months with a Master’s level counselor
  • 24-hour call center
  • Speak with an attorney free for 30 minutes
  • Included with Unum LTD coverage and can be added to Basic Life/AD&D coverage with a minimum $25K benefit
  • See the Work-Life Balance EAP Flyer for more information on the program and online demo

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