Have You Seen What is NEW at Health Net?

NEW! Broker New Small Group Sales Bonus

  • Earn $125 per member for groups effective 12/1/2019
  • Earn $100 per member for groups written with 2/1/2019 – 11/1/2019 effective dates
  • No minimum; No limit
  • Business written through RBG qualifies for the bonus

NEW! Easy underwriting for Voluntary Dental and Voluntary Vision for Q2

  • No DE9c required for Voluntary Dental and Vision sales
  • May be sold stand alone
  • Offer up to 2 Dental plans – minimum of 2 employees need to enroll on each plan
  • Offer 1 Vision plan – minimum of 2 employee need to enroll
  • Dental & Vision UW Guidelines Effective 10/1/2019

NEW! Heal is now available for Urgent Care for ACA HMO and HSP plans to new and renewing groups

  • Limited to Urgent Care on-demand doctor house call services in select urban areas for HMO and HSP members
  • Urgent Care services include respiratory, ear, through infections, sprains, strains, muscle/joint injury, vomiting and UTI
  • Heal for PPO Members continues to include Pediatric, Primary Care, Preventive Care and Urgent Care services

Sell HMO with 6! For groups offering HMO only:


Southern California:

Salud HMO y Mas Gold $35
WholeCare HMO Gold $35
Salud HMO y Mas Platinum $30
Silver 70 PPO 2000/55

Northern California:

Gold 80 Value PPO 750/10
Gold 80 PPO 0/30


DHMO Plus 150
DHMO Plus 225
DPPO Essential 6 1500


Preferred Value Plan 1025-2
Health Net Plans at a Glance

Southern California HMO Rate Parity Tips – Sell the Bigger Network for the Same Price in Q4:

  • Rating Regions 15, 15, 17 and 19: WholeCare is the same price as SmartCare
  • Rating Region 18: Full HMO network is the same price as WholeCare

Give Your Clients Flexibility and Choice with Four Underwriting Packages:

  1. HMO: Enroll 6 EE’s and offer any and all HMO plans and HMO networks. NO DE9c, NO prior carrier bill, NO waivers and NO participation attestation to submit!
  2. Salud: Enroll only 2 EEs and offer any and all HMO Salud y Mas plans.
  3. Enhanced Choice A: Offer all HMOs and all Full Network PPO plans (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze i including HSA).
  4. Enhanced Choice B: Offer all HMOs, all Enhanced Care PPO plans (available in Rating Areas 15 & 16 only) and Bronze Full Network PPO plans including HSA.

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