Receive a $500 Amazon Gift Card for every 6 coverages you sell!

  • Effective dates must be between 6/1/2019 – 10/1/2019
  • Each group must have at least 10 enrolled to qualify.
  • You must sell a minimum of 6 coverages to qualify
    • The HealthiestYou CORE package = 1 coverage
    • The HealthiestYou COMPLETE BUNDLE package = 2 coverages
    • Add the COMPLETE BUNDLE to an existing HealthiestYou CORE account = 1 coverage
  • There are no limitations on the number of times you can qualify!

HY Amazon Gift Card Bonus Flyer

Selling HealthiestYou is a win-win.

When your clients ask why they should purchase HealthiestYou, ask them how they feel about significant claim redirection, reduced sick days, increased productivity and improved morale. From the app, users can talk to a doctor 24/7 by phone or video, shop prescription costs, find pharmacies nearby, access medical experts and so much more.

And now sell the COMPLETE BUNDLE and add these services to the CORE package benefits for $0 Consult Fee:

Behavioral Health – $0 Consult Fee – Members speak with licensed Psychiatrists/Psychologists/Therapists conveniently by phone or video from wherever they feel most comfortable.

Dermatology – $0 Consult Fee – The member uploads a picture of their skin condition within their HY account to share with a dermatologist – within two business days the member will receive a response from one of our online US board-certified dermatologist who will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan customized to fit their needs.

Best Doctors/Expert Medical Services – $0 Consult Fee – Whether a member is questioning the accuracy of a diagnosis, trying to decide if surgery is the right treatment, or seeking answers to medical questions, our expert medical services provide personalized advice and recommendations from leading experts in their specialties.

Back Care – $0 Consult Fee – Exercise-based treatment plan coupled with certified health coach consultations for monitoring and support via Telespine.

HealthiestYou Complete Bundle Brochure

HealthiestYou Complete Bundle & Core Price Sheet

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