Delta Dental of California COVID-19 Premium Holiday:

Choice Builder®, on behalf of Delta Dental of California, wants to help and support customers during this challenging time. Delta Dental of California has elected to provide a premium holiday for group’s Delta Dental of California June 2020 premium.

Choice Builder has applied a one-time 100% credit for all members enrolled on Delta Dental of California PPO and DeltaCare® USA plans during the month of June to your existing group’s October 2020 invoice. This credit is part of Delta’s COVID-19 related premium forgiveness program. New business groups effective June or later and terminated groups do not qualify.

The Delta Dental of California premium holiday of 100% for the month of June will not affect your broker commission.

We hope this premium holiday will provide some financial relief, contribute to your group’s financial wellness, and demonstrate how highly Choice Builder and Delta Dental of California values your group’s business.

A similar communication will be inserted in with all group’s October invoice. Click here to view the notice.

Administrative Fee Change Notice:

Beginning in December 2020, the Choice Builder® Administrative Fee will increase by $5 for groups with 2-199 employees. This change reflects the ongoing costs of providing your clients with affordable and competitive ancillary products in a single and consolidated program.

Click here to view the communication that will be included with the October invoice for all groups.

Please note: the new Administrative Fee Schedule is included in the October 2020 version of the Choice Builder Employer Administrative Guide recently published at

RBG looks forward to continuing to support you and your Choice Builder groups. Please contact your RBG representative with any questions.