It’s a great time to sell MediExcel Health Plan

  • Small Group Medical Commissions stay unchanged at 7%
  • Will accept down to 1 enrolled employee
  • First class support team

Small Group Sales Bonus Through September 1, 2019 Effective Dates

  • Sell a new small group with 6 or more enrolled emloyees
  • Effective date must be between April 1 and September 1, 2019
  • Earn up to $100 bonus for each enrolled employee
  • Offer Dental and Vision and earn an additional Ancillary Sales Bonus pf $10 per employee enrolled in Medical, Dental D200 plan and Vision V100 plan.

MediExcel 2019 Broker Bonus Flyer

In Binational Health Benefits, the Difference is Clear

Reminder – NEW Underwriting Guidelines released 7/1/2019

  • Gold Mirror (GM) plan minimum participation is 1 enrolled employee
  • Platinum Mirror (PM), Ultra Platinum (P5) or Platinum Plus (P20) plans minimum participation is 3 enrolled employees
  • 2 MediExcel plan options may be offered with a minimum of 3 enrolled employees
  • Employer contribution relaxed to 50% of the Employee Only rate when MediExcel is wrapped with another carrier
  • Large Group QEP and MEP plans can be offered as voluntary if MEHP is the sole carrier
  • See MediExcel Underwriting Guidelines Effective 7.19 for more information

Updated MediExcel Forms
MediExcel Small Group Employer Application 5.19
MediExcel Employee Enrollment Form 7.19

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