Covered California Agency Agreement

This month, Covered California has started reaching out to all agencies to sign a new Agency Agreement and/or Non-Monetary Agreement. These documents will be distributed via DocuSign and will be required in order for agents to gain access to the Agency Portal (which will be completed and ready for use in the coming weeks). These revised contracts are designed to ensure that agencies and their designated Agency Manager are documented and that the process of quoting and writing business can be streamlined and secure. For more information, please reference the Agency Agreement FAQs..

Employer Monthly Invoice Gets Redesigned

After receiving feedback from our current employer groups, Covered California for Small Business has redesigned the layout of the monthly invoice. For more details on the changes, see the CCSB Employer Invoice Redesign Tutorial.

2017 Employer Guide

The CCSB Employer Guide has been updated and is now available on the Resources for Participating Employers page on the CCSB website.

Late Submissions for New Groups

New business submissions are generally accepted through the 5th day of the month for an effective date of that same month. If a new group is submitted after the grace period, a late submission form must be completed. The request is then reviewed by CCSB management and, if approved, payment should be submitted as soon as the invoice is received to help minimize any further delays.

First Month’s Payment for New Groups

Enrolling new groups often involves multiple moving parts. In most cases, submitting documentation early can speed up the enrollment process, but the opposite is true when submitting the first month’s payment without having first received an invoice.
It is highly encouraged that all payments for new groups be submitted only after the invoice has been received. This will ensure that the group’s initiation has been setup and that the payment can be properly tracked. Submitting the check payment too early can result in a delay of up to three weeks while the payment is held and sorted in a suspense account at the bank.
Help your group avoid delays by waiting to submit payment until their first invoice is received! Your RBG Underwriting Team is here to help you with this.