Are You Overwhelmed with 4th Quarter Marketing?

  • Is your head spinning with all your 12/1 marketing needs?
  • Are renewals coming in and piling up on your desk
  • Can’t find time to prospect new Q4 clients because you are buried in renewals

Let RBG help you deliver proactive and informed solutions to your current clients and new prospects.

Check out our Get a Quote page for tools and resources to help you get top notch marketing results.

  • RBG Helpful Hints for RFP Submissions for tips and tricks for small and large group quote requests.
  • A complete and accurate census will help reduce pending questions and allow for efficient marketing turnaround. Download the RBG Census Template as an all-inclusive resource for marketing all lines of coverage.
  • RBG quote request forms for Small Group and Large Group are a helpful checklist to ensure the information gathering needed for fast and excellent marketing results. Be sure to download the blank forms to your local drive.

Your RBG team is your back-office solution to help perform due diligence on your client renewals and find solutions to win new business prospects.

  • Send us your quote requests and back up documentation.
  • RBG will quote all market alternatives and look for creative solutions to ensure your client is getting the best deal possible that fits their needs.
  • Executive summaries to help you make informed recommendations to your clients
  • Network/Formulary search support upon request
  • And much more!

Rogers Benefit Group is your partner for a successful 4th Quarter!