shutterstock_283656011For health insurance brokers, building a relationship with a General Agent (GA) is pivotal to your long-term success. If you truly want to grow your business, you need a GA you can count on—an agency that’s dedicated to helping you win new accounts while also keeping your current clients happy.

Brokers who work with Rogers Benefit Group will tell you that we do things a lot differently, and in the best of ways. Our methodology is time-tested yet forward thinking, and we’re certain you’ll notice the RBG Difference from the minute you begin working with us.

Quoting – Partnership Over Transaction

At Rogers Benefit Group, we have built our business on partnership, not transaction. RBG was founded more than 60 years ago on the foundation of partnering with agents and providing excellent service. We take the opportunity to provide a proposal very seriously, and put the time in to carefully analyze every aspect so we are able to develop a comprehensive analysis regarding available options.

Broker partners tell us they will oftentimes copy and paste our in-depth executive summaries and send them directly to their clients. That’s exactly what we’re here for—to make your life easier! This is why we believe many brokers do 100 percent of their business with RBG, enabling us to understand their operations and integrate with their strategies, as opposed to simply selling them products.

Hands-On Involvement

We believe a successful relationship starts with an in-person meeting to discover whether we’re the right partners to work with each other, and continues with the same commitment to understanding each of your clients. We are always available to join you for employer group meetings on-site to help your clients not only organize and complete their paperwork, but understand the coverage they’re buying.

Attention to Detail

If you’ve ever had a service issue with a client, you know how frustrating it can be to have to first sort through the situation and how time-consuming it can be to then rectify the issue. And all along the way, you have the mounting pressure of knowing the client is unhappy.

We attend to every detail, and believe it’s more efficient to do things thoroughly and correctly the first time. We are committed to thoroughly reviewing all documentation provided and giving each client the time they deserve.

Employee and Employer Education

Our service doesn’t end when open enrollment is over. As employers spend a sizable sum to provide health insurance for their employees, we feel it is important to make sure employees know how to maximize the benefits offered.

RBG makes a concerted effort to educate employers and employees on how to access care, how much they can expect to pay for typical health care needs, and how to get the most value out of the added value benefits within the plan offered.

A big part of our role is to make sure the employer understands how to administer the plan. We provide personal meetings and educational sessions on how to administer the plan on a day-to-day basis.

Carrier Consistency

We value our carrier partnerships much in the same way we value our broker partners. First and foremost, our mission at RBG is to keep satisfied employers with their existing carrier. We are careful to avoid disruption where it is not necessary, and to assist you in finding solutions within the existing portfolio. Broker partners appreciate the solutions we create based on the client’s needs, not our own.

A Broker’s Back Office

We consider ourselves a representation of your office whenever we interact with your clients. You can always count on the RBG team for the highest level of professionalism and expertise. We are here when your client needs assistance throughout the year with their group benefits. We’ll do all of the research, legwork, and consulting necessary to find a solution.

We don’t give you “homework;” by advising you on how to locate the information from the carrier’s website or by calling an 800 number; we do the work for you. We are your back office, dedicated to helping your business run smoothly.