Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Deadline is Approaching for California Employers – January 1st, 2021

Completing your mandatory California Sexual Harassment Training has never been easier. If you have not yet trained your employees, now is your chance. That is why Rogers Benefit Group has proudly partnered with Syntrio to provide you with an award-winning training solution.

You can purchase the course licenses online, distribute the training links to your workforce, and be compliant with the California training mandate in no time at all.

Only $9.95 Per Employee
Rogers Benefit Group Discount: 50% (Will be applied when you get to checkout)
Train Today by Visiting:  Syntrio store

Number of Employees: 5 employees or more
Who: All managers & employees
Time Requirement: 120 mins for managers & 60 mins for employees
Completion Date: January 1st, 2021

Syntrio is the industry leader in online solutions for compliance with California’s sexual harassment training requirements. They have been assisting employers with sexual harassment training compliance since before the FEHA was amended in 2005.


If you have any questions regarding Syntrio’s online store and this special offering, please contact Jory Aquino at