UnitedHealthcare announced a change to the recent underwriting guideline announcement regarding the requirement of a DE9C.

  • DE 9C is not required for groups of 10+ eligible.
    • The Participation and Floor Certification form can be used in lieu of DE 9C.
    • DE 9C is still required for groups of 9 or less eligible employees.
    • This new change does not apply to start-up companies. Start-up companies are required to submit required documents listed in UHC’s underwriting guidelines.

UHC’s Underwriting Guidelines, Certification & Floor Certification form, and New Business Checklist will be updated to reflect the above changes. In the interim, for groups with 10+ eligible employees, continue to use the current Certification & Floor Certification form.

Additional Announcements

Premium Credit Relief

In regard to the Premium Credit Relief that was announced last May, in California small will receive 10% credit. UHC will include a bill-stuffer in their July bill, which arrives in June, explaining the premium relief on the statement. This is the only communication on amount that customers will receive.

Employer eServices login

Employer eServices (EeS) legacy ID fields will be removed entirely on June 19, 2020. In May, Employer eServices team emailed non-migrated users their Optum ID personalized registration instructions to continue accessing their Employer eService account(s). If users do not register via the emailed invite, they will require assistance from the Employer eServices help desk to regain site access.