UHC Announces Changes to Underwriting Guidelines

United Healthcare (UHC) is excited to announce new changes to their underwriting guidelines.
Effective immediately, the following apply:

  • Elimination of ID card requirement for waivers.
  • DE 9C is not required for groups of 6+ eligible.
    • The Participation and Floor Certification form can be used in lieu of DE 9C.
    • DE 9C is still required for groups of 5 or less eligible employees.
    • This new change does not apply to start-up companies. Start-up companies are required to submit required documents listed in UHC’s underwriting guidelines.
  • Allow valid waivers when employer contributes 100%.

UHC’s Underwriting Guidelines, Certification & Floor Certification form, and New Business Checklist will be updated to reflect the above changes. In the interim, for groups with 6+ eligible employees, continue to use the current Certification & Floor Certification form.