New Employer eServices Login Process

As a reminder, the UnitedHealthcare Employer eServices® sign-on will be moving to Optum ID to improve your experience and security for your account(s). With this new technology, you only need an Optum ID to provide quick and seamless access to all your Employer eServices accounts. Registration will be quick and easy, and assistance will be available if needed.

Optum ID registration will start Aug.19th and needs to be completed by Oct. 31st.

  • You may register for an Optum ID once you get an email invitation with instructions to create a new Optum ID or to connect your existing Optum ID with your Employer eServices account(s).
  • If you have more than one Employer eServices ID, you will receive an email for each ID with specific action steps.

Starting Aug. 19th, you will see two login options on the Employer Services homepage.

  • Continue to use the Employer eServices login until you receive an email to register for an Optum ID.
  • Once your Optum ID is connected to your Employer eServices account(s), you will only use the Optum ID login on the Employer eServices homepage.
  • After Oct. 31, users will only be able to access Employer eServices with an Optum ID.

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