3 Mistakes Small Group Brokers Make When Pitching Large Group Business

Large Group Strategies

As a small group broker, you know how a wider reach can provide valuable growth for your business. At Rogers Benefit Group, we are known for our experienced broker support. We give you the tools and information to improve results from the last enrollment and make those powerful pitches.

Think Like a Large Group Broker

It’s a relationship, not a race. A critical mistake small group brokers tend to make is going into a pitch with guns blazing — all force with no foundation. Large group brokers are insightful, they have not grown to that size without learning a thing or two about human connection. It’s important to be thoughtful of each interaction you undertake when pitching a large group business. The initial conversation you have is rarely with the person who ultimately makes the decision on whether to go with you for business or not. Large group business is like stacking dolls. You start with the outer individuals, through time fostering a genuine connection, and the more connections you make the closer into the company you journey. The goal is to have made plenty of positive multi-channel connections by the time you get to speak to the upper leadership in the company.

Create a Clear and Cohesive Value Statement

Failing to prepare, is preparing to… You need to be unique. You need to be confident. If you fail to undertake preparation ahead of time, however, it’s all for naught. The upper management of large groups has many, many brokers vying for their attention and business every day. What you need to do is put your communication on a diet and cut out the unnecessary and bulky language. Dialing down your message to the nutrient-dense information helps the leadership foster trust and confidence in you as a broker. More intense analysis can be left for a later time, the initial contact should be concise, and most of all, positive.

Ensure You Have a Solid Understanding of Complexity

As a small group broker, you understand the complexity of the business you’re in. Your job in pitching to large groups is to help them understand what ultimately makes you different from the many other competitors aiming at the same contract as you. You’ve created a relationship with the client, you’ve prepared, now it’s time to be confident in your brokering. 2020 has been an interesting year, to put it mildly. More and more large groups are going remote. As a result, their needs and support structures are changing. Pay attention to what the individual needs of the large group are. Take the time to do the research necessary to customize your pitch. Let the client know how you can support their business with the right policies for them. Tele-commuting is becoming more and more mainstream, if that’s the direction the business is heading, help them see how they can stay covered.

What’s next, you may ask? Rogers Benefit Group has been partnering with agents for more than 60 years. We are successful because we provide excellent service. Our belief in a personal approach sets us apart. You understand as a small group broker that relationships made in the business need to be fostered over time to build trust. You know preparation before the pitch is crucial. And you know the power of knowing your unique worth in an ever-growing field. Now it’s time to work with Rogers Benefit Group, where we provide the right information and support to widen your reach as a business. Be sure to check out 3 Simple Strategies to Win Large Group Business for more valuable insight on winning the big pitch.