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Triple Tier Option Introduced for 2019

CaliforniaChoice has expanded the metal tier options for 2019. Starting with 1/1/2019 effective dates new and renewing groups can now offer a Triple Tier Option including Platinum, Gold and Silver Tiers. These three metal tiers attract more than 90% of CaliforniaChoice members.

CaliforniaChoice Welcomes Back the UnitedHealthcare Advantage Network

Beginning in January 2019 CaliforniaChoice will offer 3 UnitedHealthCare HMO plans with the Advantage provider network: UHC Platinum HMO C, UHC Gold HMO D and UHC Silver HMO B.

Health Net and Oscar Expand Rating Areas Effective April 1, 2019

Beginning in 2nd Quarter Health Net and Oscar have expanded their rating areas to include all 19 areas, there are no changes to service areas. This will allow employers located outside a Health Net or Oscar service area to offer these plans to employees that reside within the plan service area. Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, Sharp and Western Health Advantage continue to offer this capability with expanded rating areas.

Enrollment Form Updates

CaliforniaChoice updates enrollment and change forms each quarter. Please be sure to use the correct form using the Employer Application and Employee Enrollment form links below. Additional updated change forms and material is available on our website.

First Quarter January to March 2019 Effective Dates:

CaliforniaChoice Employer Application Q1 2019 Effective Dates

CaliforniaChoice Employee Enrollment Form Q1 2019 Effective Dates

Second Quarter April to June 2019 Effective Dates (only updated Q2 forms will be accepted beginning with 4/1/19 effective dates):

CaliforniaChoice Employer Application Q2 2019 Effective Dates
CaliforniaChoice Employee Enrollment Form Q2 2019 Effective Dates

Product Portfolio Updates

NEW plans:

Plan Network Changes:

  • UnitedHealthcare Platinum HMO C – changed from Alliance to Advantage network effective 1/1/2019; Alliance network no longer available on the Platinum tier.
  • UnitedHealthcare Silver HMO B – changed from Alliance to Advantage network effective 1/1/2019; Alliance network still available on the Silver tier with the UHC Silver HMO C.

Discontinued Plans:

Refer to the Renewal Plan Transition Guides for renewal mapping for the following discontinued plans.

Renewal Plan Transition Guide Q1 2019
Renewal Plan Transition Guide Q2 2019

  • Sharp Bronze HMO D (Premier network HSA qualified plan) – discontinued 1/1/2019
  • UnitedHealthcare Bronze HMO C – discontinued 1/1/2019
  • Western Health Advantage Bronze HMO D – discontinued 4/1/2019

Updated CaliforniaChoice Sales and Renewal resources are available on the RBG Website

Check out the links below to a few of the most popular resources.

NEW Fast Facts Brochureis a great resource to introduce your clients to CaliforniaChoice.

NEW CaliforniaChoice HSA Brochure-an excellent piece to introduce and explain the advantages of enrolling in an HSA qualified plan.

Summary of Changes for Groups Renewing January to March 2019
Summary of Changes for Groups Renewing April to June 2019

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