Dental Simplified is here! Making dental plan selection with UnitedHealthcare as easy as 1-2-3!

California brokers can use the Dental Simplified Flyer to help groups choose from UnitedHealthcare’s top selling plans. The 2018 Top DHMO and DPPO plans are shown by illustrative metallic tiers to simplify matching dental benefit levels with comparable medical benefit levels.

A few things to know about Dental Simplified:

  • UHC has selected High-Medium-Low DPPO options for each metallic tier
  • There is a Voluntary option included in each DPPO and DHMO metallic tier.
  • Platinum DPPO plans include orthodontia and require a minimum of 10 eligible and 8 enrolled employees.
  • Bronze DPPO plans are the only available DPPO options for groups of 2-9 lives.
  • There are several DPPO plans in the Platinum, Gold and Silver tiers that include UHC’s Dental Consumer MaxMultiplier Program.
  • Dual Option is available: DHMO/DPPO with 5 eligible and 3 enrolled and DPPO/DPPO with 10 eligible and 5 enrolled.
  • Customized DPPO plans are still available to quote, in addition to the Dental Simplified plans, as needed to meet the needs of your clients.

Your RBG Team is excited to make quoting and selling UHC Dental plans Easier, Faster and Simpler! Send us your RFP today.