The following carriers have released new plans, retired plans and/or updated enrollment forms for new small group business starting with 7/1/2018 effective dates.

Please be sure you are using the correct forms for your group enrollments.

Anthem has added two new Bronze PPO plan options for new and renewing groups effective 7/1/18 and later, however Anthem forms have not been updated. Continue to use the current 2018 Employer Application and Employee Enrollment Application to enroll new groups and use the “Other” line available on both forms to indicate the new Bronze PPO 4000/40%/7350 – 305X or Bronze Select PPO 4000/40%/7350 – 3061 plans (see below).

Blue Shield has updated the Employer Master Group Application, Employer Request for Contract Change Form, Employee Enrollment Form and Subscriber Change Request Form to be used for 7-1-2018 and later effective dates – prior forms will not be accepted.

CaliforniaChoice has released new Q3 updates for the Employer Application, Employer Change Request Form, Employee Enrollment Application and Employee Change Request Form that must be used starting with 7-1-2018 effective dates – prior forms will not be accepted. The new forms reflect the retiring of the Sharp Gold HMO C and addition of the new Sharp Gold HMO D plans.

Health Net has added two new HMO plan designs (Platinum $30 and Gold $35) in the Full, WholeCare, SmartCare and Salud HMO y Mas Networks for new and renewing groups effective 7/1/18 and later. Until further notice, continue to use the current 2018 Employer Small Business Group Service Agreement and Small Group Employee Enrollment/Change Form and use the “Other plans(s)” line to indicate the new HMO plans as needed (see below).

The Health Net Employer Renewal Plan Election and Open Enrollment Change Form has been updated to include the new HMO plans and should be used for groups renewing 7/1/2018 and later.

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